Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 208

Day 208: July 27th

Elite Heroes 4-pack

Smoke Jumper

I found it odd that the smoke jumper and the fire fighter that came in the 4-pack were both using the open jacket looks that had been used to identify the chiefs of those respective units in the 2-packs. It is not a huge deal but rather just a general little oddity I thought. I think the 4-pack was a good idea to reach those of us that don’t have access to TRUs that carry them, I just feel that they were a little rushed/not fully thought out with the lower amount of stuff included with them. I wasn’t expecting it to be as jam packed as the 2-packs but it almost feels a little too light at the same time, like they were not all that interested in making it – just tossed it out there to try and appease the specialty market.

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