Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 199

Day 199: July 18th

Ben Reilly, The Steel Spider

As I said in my previous days I was a rare fan of the Ben Reilly Spider clone and both his run as the Scarlett Spider and as Peters replacement as Spider man. When I started planning my comic story I knew I really wanted to have Ben in it but I wanted to have it just right. The spider armor costume is one of my all time favorite costume variations so it only made sense to have Ben use it in the comic. I have fleshed out Ben’s character to make it that he branched out of the science background into the mechanical and technical ends of life as well, using that as the basis for all the different Spider man costumes that are for specific uses. Ben and Peter would work as team-mates, basically a team of brothers until Osborn and his Dark Reign when Peter disappeared. While Ben prefers the durability of the Steel Spider suit he does not shy away from using any of the other Spider man suits as the need arises, even if it is just using Peters old classic suit to mess with Osborn’s head a bit

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