Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 565

Day 565 November 27th

10th Anniversary of Marvel Minimates
Museum Display Part 4
Control Art

Next up in this display is some of the control art that is used in designing the Minimates.  On the bottom of the big display case is an assortment of the design sheets actual pencils by the artists involved with designing them.  Some of these sheets are mine while others are on loan from Don Brosius.  I really like seeing these sheets, especially some of the really detailed ones like the Brood Wolverine or the warp portal from the newest Silver Surfer.  On the small table beside the big case is a hardcover book that I made specifically for this show.  In it is a collection of the finalized control art, fully rendered and coloured, which have been released by DST in promoting new waves as well as some older ones that I got through the interviews I conducted last year on the blog.  One of the neatest parts of the control art in this display, (in my opinion anyways), is the combination of Alpha Flight Minimates with their corresponding Minimates.  I managed to get the control art for the 8 Minimates that were part of the 2 Alpha Flight box sets and since I am giving away Minimates from those sets to visitors of the display I thought this would be an awesome addition to the show!

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