Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 564

Day 564 November 26th

10th Anniversary of Marvel Minimates
Museum Display Part 3

Of course the main part of this display is the Minimates!  In the cases on the wall and the bottle level of the display case represents all of the waves of Marvel Minimates from 1-52 (minus 16 of course since it is the fabled lost wave that never made it), as well as all convention exclusives, Toys R Us waves and other retailer exclusives.  I had debated on including the multiples of army builders I have collected but opted to leave them out as the display is already a lot to take in.  The Galactus and Sentinel Minimates: MAX statues are also in the big display case, which add I nice touch to it.  I really do enjoy those statues and sometimes wish they had released the others planned, especially since I am a big Wolverine fan!  On the top row of the display case I have the Darktide movie set – the box, DVD case and the 4 Minimates, while the movie plays on the TV beside the display.  This came right around the slim year for Minimates where their continuation was questionable.  Also on that top shelf there is a hand painted prototype, some test shots (or first shots), a few test shot error pieces and an art mock up pieces leant to the display by Don Brosius.  These are some neat peaks behind the curtain and into the makings of these awesome toys!  



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