Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 563

Day 563 November 25th

10th Anniversary of Marvel Minimates
Museum Display Part 2

I absolutely love seeing Minimates in actual drawn art which is one of the reasons I love these posters so much!  I don’t have a display setup figured out to display them out at home so it is great to have them hanging in the museum and I can enjoy them in their full splendor a bit more.  I can’t say that these are all of the Marvel Minimates posters out there as I know of a very early one from when they were first announced and there was also a very cool Spider Man 3 movie version that hung at the Diamond Select Toys booth during cons the year those Minimates came out but I never have managed to get either of those.  I did stumble across one I didn’t know existed shortly before this show went up and that is the smaller one with the heroes fighting Galactus.  This art was used in an issue of Toyfair, in which they had a visual guide to the Marvel Minimates.  This issue came out shortly after I started collecting these and I really liked that artwork, so imagine my surprise to find this piece, which had been included in a poster magazine released by Toyfair’s parent magazine Wizard!  All in all these are some fun extras to add to the main collection!

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