Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 562

Day 562 November 24th

10th Anniversary of Marvel Minimates
Museum Display Part 1

It is sometimes hard to believe that the Marvel Minimates line has been around for 10 years already.  They have been such a constant in my life that it just seems like they have always been there, similar to my wife and children, it takes a bit of actual thought to remember the time before them lol!  As this year’s big anniversary was just getting started I had an idea, actually several different ideas that finally gelled together into this museum show.  I knew I wanted to do something cool to honour the big number 10 of my all-time favourite toy line and the Humboldt and District Museum and Gallery liked the idea I pitched to them near the start of the year – even if they didn’t quite understand some of the points I was very excitedly mapping out at the time!

So at the beginning of November I moved my core collection of Minimates out of my house, leaving so very noticeable empty spaces in my man-corner as you could imagine!  I was really happy to be able to keep my collection up to date as of the day before I put it in the museum, then of course new Toys R Us waves had to pop up, and only in the United States, but it is still a huge impressive collection that spans the last 10 years and includes some neat extras too!

Part 1’s pictures give you just a quick overview of how the display is laid out.  Please pardon the lighting quality of some of the pictures as the space is a bit tight and lighting has been an issue in getting these shots.  Please stay tuned during the next few days as more detailed views of the various parts of the display will be spotlighted!

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  1. Great Display!

    it's an honor being part of something this cool. Thanks for putting it all together!