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Day 532

 Day 532 June 15th

Mondays with Mike

Marvel Minimates Wave 45 – Avengers Movie Part 2

Welcome to my weekly review series. As I’m not a total completest I will be alternating between full wave reviews and single pack reviews. All feedback is welcomed! The rating system is as follows:

* Mediocre
** Not too Shabby
***  Is it getting hot in here?
**** We have a Hulk

 Here we go:  What can I say about the Avengers that hasn’t already been said? The movie was an absolute blast and the culmination of years of hard work by Marvel to do something no other company has done before. They tied in their whole universe exactly like they do in the comics and it was spectacular. I haven’t had this much fun at a movie in a long time. As they do with most Marvel movies, DST had the rights to certain figures in the movie. Once again, DST did a great job of making them and sure didn’t disappoint this reviewer.

Packaging - ****
We’ve had the same type of packaging for a while now. It’s been updated to show the Avengers and I think it looks great. You get a good look at the characters.

Sculpted Details – Hulk ****, Thor ***, Captain America ***, Iron Man ****
I really love the bulked up Hulk’s that DST having been doing for a few months now. The Ruffalo Hulk is no different.  DST did a good job up matching the colours and giving Hulk his curly mop that he had in the movie.  Thor looks good, there is just minor sculpting on his wrists and the costume itself.  Both look good and serve their purpose. Thor’s hair on the packaging looks better than the final product, but it would be hard to get that L’oreal look in plastic.  Captain America has his mask and shield. Again we’ve had a lot of Caps over the past few years, so no big surprises here. The shield looks good and I think mask fits properly and looks good as well.  I don’t know what it is, but I really love the Iron Man sculpts, from the 1st Iron Man movie now to the Avengers. There is something to me that is pleasing. Again really nothing has changed over the waves, it’s just a solid figure.

Paint & Tampos – Hulk ****, Thor ****, Cap ****, Iron Man ****
I’m giving all the boys full marks here. All have very solid paint jobs. I’ve found that sometimes the tape that holds in the accessories will take off the paint, like Cap’s shield. But none of that applies here. Overall great job for all 4.

Accessories –  Cap ***, Thor ****,
Cap has his normal hair and shield combo. Standard fair. Thor has Mjolnir and one of the fancy new stands, which I love. Having these stands included will help me ease off sticky tack when trying to pose mates.  Again Iron Man has the usual flip up mask, Tony Hair and Jet fire. All look solid, and it’s nice to have the extra pieces. I’m giving Hulk ****, because he comes with two heads. I normal semi-calm Hulk and Rage Face Hulk. Both look great, and it’s really awesome to have different expressions.

Overall - ****
I really enjoyed these two packs. All the mates look really great. I especially liked the Hulk due to having two different heads. Overall the Avengers Movie mates are a welcome addition to my collection!

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