Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 528

Day 528 June 11th

Welcome to a new ongoing feature here on Portrait of an Addiction, Mondays with Mike.  Mike will be conducting in depth reviews here on the blog so please check them out and feel free to let us know what you think of them!

Mondays with Mike
Marvel Minimates Wave 46 – Amazing Spider-Man Movie

 Welcome to the first of my weekly review series. As I’m not a total completest I will be alternating between full wave reviews and single pack reviews. All feedback is welcomed! The rating system is as follows:

* Mediocre

** Not too Shabby

***  Is it getting hot in here?

**** Grand Slam!

Here we go:

The upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie is a bit of a polarizing subject among fans and movie goers. With the last Spider-Man movie only 5 years old and the series itself only 10 years old, it’s easy to see why people are up in arms rebooting the series. The marketing around the movie has tried to position it as the “untold tales” of Spider-Man. While I’m okay with this approach, they really didn’t need to go back and retell the origin story if this wasn’t an actual reboot.  But it is what it is! Being a giant Spider-Man fan, I’m just happy to have another movie to watch. With a pretty stellar cast, it looks like this movie has great potential. July 3rd can’t come soon enough! At least we have these minimates to tide us over.

Packaging - **** (Not Shown) I’ve always enjoyed DST’s packaging. The boxes are colourful, the art is great and you get a good look at what you are getting.

Sculpted Details – Lizard - ***, SWAT - ***, Peter Parker’s Hair - ****   The lizard’s upper body and tail are nicely sculpted. A good job has been done to make the Lizard appear to have extra muscles.  

The SWAT member’s helmets and gear look great. While the colour is a little different from the MAX line, they still fit in nicely. 

Peter Parker’s hair is just tremendous. They really captured the bundle of hair that Garfield is sporting in the movie.

Paint & Tampos – Spider-Man ****, Battle Damaged Spider-Man ****, Lizard ****, Uncle Ben ****, Aunt May **, SWAT ****, Peter Parker ****

DST did a really great job with these figures. All the applications are clean and the colours look great. The likenesses of Andrew Garfield & Martin Sheen are well done, despite the fact that minimates have no noses; you can see who they are supposed to be. If I have one nitpick, it would be Sally Field’s Aunt May, I don’t really fell it does her justice. It’s not horrible, just not as good as the others. The scales on the SWAT team members nice as well. 

Accessories – Peter Parker ***, SWAT ****, Battle Damaged Spidey ***, Spider-Man **, Lizard, Aunt May, Uncle Ben - *

Peter Parker comes with a Skateboard and a Backpack. Both are sculpted nicely look great on Peter.

SWAT comes with 2 heads & 2 guns. Awesome for those who want lizard faces or if you want to add them to your boys in blue collection

Battle Damaged Spidey – Comes with a pullover mask and Peter Parker’s magical hair.

Spider-Man comes with his traditional web line that I always love having.

The other 3 come with nothing, but it doesn’t hurt the figures overall, since really what could they have come with?

Overall - ****

While I may be biased a bit due to my absolute love of Spider-Man, I thought that DST did a great job with this wave. The figures were very well done and really look like their movie counterparts. The movie itself may be up in the air for some people, but these figures have just made me more excited to see it. 

I will try to get a review up of the TRU exclusives after I get my hands on them.

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