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Day 531

 Day 531 June 18th

Mondays with Mike

Marvel Minimates Wave 45 – Avengers Movie Part 1

Welcome to my weekly review series. As I’m not a total completest I will be alternating between full wave reviews and single pack reviews. All feedback is welcomed! The rating system is as follows:

* Mediocre
** Not too Shabby
***  Is it getting hot in here?
**** We have a Hulk

 Here we go:
What can I say about the Avengers that hasn’t already been said? The movie was an absolute blast and the culmination of years of hard work by Marvel to do something no other company has done before. They tied in their whole universe exactly like they do in the comics and it was spectacular. I haven’t had this much fun at a movie in a long time. As they do with most Marvel movies, DST had the rights to certain figures in the movie. Once again, DST did a great job of making them and sure didn’t disappoint this reviewer.

Packaging - ****

We’ve had the same type of packaging for a while now. It’s been updated to show the Avengers and I think it looks great. You get a good look at the characters.

Sculpted Details – Maria Hill **, Chitauri General ***, Chitauri Foot Soldier ***

Maria Hill has very few details that are actually sculpted. The most noticeable is her hair piece. While in the comics Maria Hill typically sports a short hairdo, in the movie it was a tight ponytail. This is represented nicely in her mate.
The Chitauri General has some nice details. The chest piece is bulky and gives the idea that this guy has some weight and protection behind him. The purple colour is very vibrant and looks great. The mask looks pretty good as well, with a few details like the rim around the top, you are able to tell that he’s the big boss.
The Chitauri Foot Soldier looks a lot like the General, expect he really wants you to see his pecks. The mask itself is much like the General’s, just a little bit understated.

Paint & Tampos – Maria Hill ***, Chitauri General ***, Chitauri Foot Soldier ***

Maria Hill does slightly resemble Cobie Smulders, so that is always good.  Other than that it is a pretty standard black bodysuit.
The Chitauri boys do have a bit of purple paint on them. From my figures it appears that they were painted well and I don’t see any real slop on them.

Accessories –  Maria Hill **, Chitauri General **, Chitauri Foot Soldier **

They all came with their signature weapons. Hand gun for Maria, Blaster for the General and Spear gun thing for the Foot Soldiers. While they all look good, it would have been great to get one of the flying skiff’s the foot soldiers flew on in the movie or even some kind of computer screen for Maria Hill.

Overall - ***

Overall I liked these two packs. DST set out to give us the villains of the movie and they succeeded quite well. Again, while I’m sure a vehicle wasn’t in the license, it would have made the set complete to have some kind of vehicle for them to be flying on.

I will review the rest of the Avengers next week!

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