Tuesday, February 21, 2012

M.A.X. News!


Coming alongside a recap of what was shown at Toy Fair 2012, DST has also released a new M.A.X. animated video!  Also it was announced that the M.A.X. line was no longer a Toys R Us exclusive and would be available nationwide; as to if this means more retail stores carrying it or it moving into the specialty/comic book store realm is yet unknown but either way it sounds like a bigger distribution for this great line!  Series 3 was shown at Toy Fair and is slated to include Arctic and Night Ops sets, and new Soldier and Smokejumper paint schemes.  As well DST had the Armoured Personnel Carrier on display at Toy Fair and it has been updated to double as a battle station as well - a great idea and I feel it will add a great level of extra play to the APC vehicle!

and in case you have not seen it here is the first video:

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