Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 141

Day 141: May 21st

Battle Ravaged Spider Man

Another of my little action figure favorites are the battle damaged characters. In the comics the characters often can get pretty beat up in their adventures and their costumes can take a real trashing so its fun to be able to have that in the toys too! I think this stems from my love of playing with the toys, making up and acting out stories and taking photos of them which I still do to this day! This minimate reminds me of one of my favorite Spider Man toys from the Toy Biz line when the 90’s cartoon came out so it’s hard to call it down despite the production flaws that plague this one like they did the Black Cat also in this box set. I love all the ripped costume details and the fact that they gave him and exposed web shooter was brilliant! The included web line and the return of the web grabber was another great idea!

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