Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hologram-Style Light-Up Minimate Displays

Hologram-Style Light-Up Minimate Displays

Luke's Toy Store unveiled a new line of light-up Minimate displays inspired by the holographic displays seen in countless movies and shows. Each translucent display is 2-sided, and the ultra-bright LEDs look great under any lighting conditions. The first release includes two different displays: The Green Laboratory Light-Up Display shows schematics and 3D armor views. The Red Targeting Light-Up Display features an aerial view of a metropolitan area on one side, and Manhattan on the other side, both with ominous targets preparing for an attack.
These displays are available individually for $11.99 each, or as a 2-pack for $19.99. They are available exclusively at Luke's Toy Store here:

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  1. This would be so awesome. The manufacturer makes the control units in red, green, blue, and white. Really, it’s a great display. Few days before I saw not like at the same display but some other too holographic display from OLOMAGIC.