Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day 577

Day 577 March 15th

Marvel Minimates Blank Covers Project Showcase
Part 1

So a cool part of my 10th Anniversary of Marvel Minimates museum show was the blank Marvel comic variant issues that I had gotten various people to contribute Minimates artwork to.  There was a great response to this idea and I had a lot of people take part in the initial part of this.  I gathered up a wide assortment of comics, various titles and even hunted out specific ones at the request of the person who was going to do the artwork on it and then mailed them out all around the world.  I am quite pleased to say that out of 27 covers sent out I did manage to get 20 back…17 made it into the museum display at opening with the other three being added later on!

I will begin the showcase of those covers now, starting with this one by:

Jason Castick

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