Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 553

Day 553 June 17th

Prelude to Arts and Culture Day

So last fall there was a nation wide event called Arts and Culture Days, which was planned to help promote the arts across Canada, with the main focus to help increase the public’s exposure to different art types as well as increase multicultural awareness in every province.  Many different things happened all across the country and it was deemed a resounding success!  Locally I got to play a part in that success.  The Humboldt and District Museum and Gallery planned their participation in this by hosting a 2 day event.  Day 1 was an artists workshop day with various artists to demonstrate various things such as stained glass mosaics, stop motion and my part in this…using Minimates and photography to make comics!  Over the next few blog posts I will showcase what all happened that Friday and the work that came out of it.  Today’s post has to do with the arrival of a package that helped me prep for the event!

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