Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 549

Day 549 June 13th

CBR exclusive reveal of Invincible Design art

So slightly before DST revealed that they were in fact working with Robert Kirkman’s Skybound/Image Comics “Invincible” for Minimates I had decided to check this book out.  I really enjoy “The Walking Dead” and also loved Kirkman’s “Astounding Wolf-Man” so this was really not too much of a stretch for me to check out.  No surprise here as I found I loved the book, well written and fun to read!  So I will be all too happy to add these guys to my Minimates collection, hopefully they carry onward with what they make as there are soooo many great characters in the book.  Over on CBR today there was an exclusive reveal of the design art for the box set.  I am sharing their images here and you can read their article here.

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