Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 601.1 - relaunch

Day 601 October 11th  

A bit of a new direction!

As you can see from the header on this I am changing up the blog a bit…hopefully for the better lol!  When I started this blog my geek life was mainly focused on Minimates with a bit of everything else geek on the side.  Over the course of time this has been gradually changing and while I still enjoy Minimates I have backed away from them some to allow some of my other geek passions to flourish and even a new one to form!  My plan for the blog is to now encompass all aspects of my geek self, so that means I am hoping to post a wide range of things and hopefully readers will find it all interesting most of the time.  I also hope that it will introduce some of you to cool new things that you may not have heard about before and be really keen on!  So sit down and buckle up…I hope to have you all along for some fun times!

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