Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 547

Day 547 May 14th

My Birthday Elephant packages

So this is the second year now that there has been a Birthday Elephant event organized over on the Minimate Multiverse.  Think Secret Santa but more specific to the birthdays of the partakers.  I joined again this year and had a blast getting the gifts for my ‘child’ which just happened to be my good buddy Luke.

So May rolls in and my birthday looms on the very early horizon.  I know I have a package coming just no idea from whom and where and honestly pay no mind if it makes it on/before my birthday or not, just knowing that it will get here is all good by me!  So I get this package, don’t recognize the return address on it and there are no clues on the invoice inside either.  Inside are 2 variant cover issues of X-Factor, both of which feature Multiple Man.  My mind is racing as I know I have looked at these on Ebay many times but don’t recall actually making the purchase and a quick check of my Ebay account shows that I am not wrong.  Very cool to get but no idea who it is from.

Skip ahead a few more days to yesterday and I get home to a package.  Now anyone who knows me even a little knows that I generally have stuff arriving sometimes very regularly so it isn’t really a big surprise but as habit is the first thing I look for is the return address, National Library of Australia.  This makes me jump a bit as I know that Multiverse member Nessex works there and I also know that I have not had a deal with him so this package is an unknown!  The biggest shocker was coming yet as I opened this box of wonders!

Inside there were some yummy Carmello Koala chocolates (love getting candy from other countries!), a Spider Man dangler (always fun to have stuff like this around), a Walking Dead zombie 2 – pack (can never have enough zombies), and Canberra magnet (very cool addition to the magnet collection) and then the mother load – the old Toyfare exclusive ToyBiz Multiple Man figure (back in my early toy days I was so into the ToyBiz X-Men figures and this was one I always wanted to have but somehow never did get), not 1 but 4(!!!!) Marvel Universe Multiple Man figures (again one I have been on the fence getting but have always said I would only buy if I could get more than one since what better way to have Madrox using his powers lol) and last but most certainly not least Giant Sized Fantastic Four number 4 – the first appearance of Multiple Man!!! 

I checked with him and the variant covers were indeed part of the gift too.  Matt you really went above and beyond with these gifts and totally made my day, thank you so much!!

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