Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 484

Day 484 April 28th

Day one – Calgary Comic Con

            I was not expecting to find much minimates at the show but I had some plans at least for one minimate themed encounter.  Peter David is a guest at the con and I had to meet him.  I love so much of his work and X-Factor is my current favourite monthly comic…I literally can’t wait for it to come out every month!  So I knew his booth was a must and I found the only extra set of Jean Dewolf minimates I could in my area, a Daredevil/Sin Eater set.  Had I known he was going to the con when the series was released I would have snagged another Spidey/Jean set.  He was super awesome to meet and talked very highly about how much he loves the minimates and how he has several of the Multiple Man ones, since you know that is just him using his power!  I did find a seller who was selling minimates too, grabbed some Hand Ninjas and a few sets for KyeZ that he would like and some fodder sets too!  I also brought some minimates along for photo adventures in the downtime but those will be on their own post!

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